Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 202 – Gun Twisted

Gun Twisted tells the most classic of all noir stories – the ‘innocent’ and beautiful woman seduces some poor schmuck into carrying out her plan, and afterward, well, he’s just not needed anymore. In this case, our sap is played by Antonio Sabato Jr., who for almost the entirety of the episode thinks that he’s in control. This is of course the plan the of Laurie (Diana Gettinger) as she draws his eye at the gun range, playing the part of the novice shooter.

So, predictably Bart (Sabato) offers to help Laurie, and in what amounts to basically showing a girl how to shoot pool in a bar, he gets behind her and places his hand over her’s, and together they fire the gun. This is her giving him the power, letting him feel in control, and planting the seed in his head that she is just a hapless damsel. The gun shot is followed by Bart offering to show her his ‘Big Gun’ and shortly after that, they’re banging. All the while we’re lead to believe that she is in fact just a girl with a thing for bad boys.

As we soon learn, she just happened to pick out an ex-con bank robber (foreshadowing) who warns about needing a partner you can trust. In another shocking coincidence, it turns out that Laurie was recently fired from her bank teller job and wants some revenge. The writers would have us believe this all to be pretty serendipitous, but in true ‘Femme Fatale’ fashion, nothing is left to chance, as their meeting, and all that follows, are the results of carefully laid plans.

“I saw your best pal Sarah, and she’s get bitch written all over her.”

Next thing we know ol’ Bart is casing the bank with a superhuman-like power of observation, as time slows down around him and eventually stops like an old-school Zack Morris time out…

Before long, Bart and Laurie return to the bank, and the two of them proceed to rob the establishment at which Laurie was once so gainfully employed.  She doesn’t seem too happy to be back there either as she quickly breaks into a rant about her willingness to kill everyone in the room.

It’s upon their arrival at the bank that we are also treated with a surprise guest star – Tenacious D’s Kyle Gass. Gass plays Willoughby Flager, the floundering Bank Manager, and though he doesn’t have many lines, he speaks volumes with a pretty good physical performance.

So while the Mr. Flager and Bart are cleaning out the vault, a sudden explosion of gunfire rings out and then bolt upstairs to find Laurie in tears, as she’s just murdered everyone else in the bank. Because of this, and the fact that Laurie removed her mask, Bart realizes that the only option left is to off old Willoughby as well. Immediately following the execution of the Bank Manager, Bart is literally shot in the back by his partner. The very thing he cautioned against earlier, having a partner you can trust.

It’s at this time, as Bart lies on the ground bleeding to death, that Bitch Face Sara (Moniqua Plante) gets up from the ground and reveals that she was in fact in on the whole thing. Then, in true ‘Bond Villain’ fashion, the girls decide to describe in detail how they planned the whole thing out, and that Bart was nothing but a patsy, to be framed and left for dead.

Turns out the girls set it all up to make Bart appear a lone killer. Pretty sneaky. So Laurie and Sarah get rich and no one is the wiser. Happy endings for our Femme Fatales. But it seems that Laurie is not quite satisfied as the show closed with her back at the gun range seducing some other poor sap…

Seriously, how is a guy suppose to resist that?

So Gun Twisted is a classic example of a Femme Fatale, and the women were hot and the episode was entertaining, but I did take issue with one seemingly large loophole – the money. So the girls set Bart up to be the lone gunman, killed for being careless in the midst of a robbery where he needlessly murders everyone right? That leaves Sarah to play sole survivor, as Laurie sneaks out the back with the cash.  Are we to believe though that no one will notice the missing money? And if Bart was alone, and he’s dead, who took said money? Seems like if there is even one competent detective in town, someone is gonna have some questions…

I did like Laurie’s ‘Bank Robbing Attire’, mask and all, even if her rant was a little much. And Kyle Gass showing up was a pleasant surprise, overall I’d give Gun Twisted a 3/5.

And now to close it out, your Lilith fix.

3 thoughts on “Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 202 – Gun Twisted”

  1. Large loophole, big enough for the money to apparently slip though :) but super fun episode…who doesn’t like Kyle Gass from Tenacious D?? By the way, the lovely Miss Moniqua Plante plays Laurie’s bitchy beautiful lover and partner in crime, Sarah. Just thought she should at least get a shout out.


  2. Atleast this episode truely sticks to the defination of femme Fatale, finally. But as usual the plot was as porous as a kitchen strainer, the first question any cop would ask is, if he was acting alone were did the money go? second the arrival of the cops was way too quick considering they had yet to erase the tapes then trip the alarm and finally forensics will show laurie’s finger prints on the gun she left the one she used to kill everybody and if she took it then ballistics will show that the gun bart has did not kill all those victims. But Damn Laurie was hot I mean Damn Damn Damn!!!


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