‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – New Trailer #4

Did you think it possible to get more pumped up about The Dark Knight Rises, well Nolan just keeps bringing us closer and closer to a nervous break down due to the wait for this release. This latest trailer (mostly likely last) is going to make you wet yourself with excitement.

The best trailer yet? Well I think it is because we get rather a lot of new footage, which mainly seems aimed at showing more action. And from that trailer appears there is a lot of action (so excited). The music Is much faster, it’s 2 minutes of pure action, we see two bat tanks, bane speaks some more “Mr Wayne”, we see some full on street riots and ends with Cat Woman being cheeky.

Now is it just me or did that part creep you out, in a good way?

To me the best part and most significant point to this trailer was the interaction between Bane and Batman (55 seconds in). Just to explain what I mean. Bane has more physical power in this trailer than we have ever seen before; I have heard some complaints that he wouldn’t be powerful enough to be Bane from the comics. But I see that fear fading with this trailer.

We also have the latest Close up of the Bat Wing Below.

Have you got your ticket yet?

I know I have.

4 thoughts on “‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – New Trailer #4”

  1. Got my tickets booked, but have to wait 3 days because they were all sold out :(

    When have you guys got your tickets?


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