The Man With the Iron Fists: New Trailer!

2012 is currently looking like a slam dunk for movies with the Dark Knight Rises hitting cinemas soon and Andrew Garfield swinging into action in The Amazing Spiderman. But our old friend Quentin Tarantino has been busy too. Not only is he prepping up his Django Unchained movie, he has also been working on getting this little beauty The Man with the Iron Fists to the silver screen.

The talent involved in this is amazing to say the least. Eli Roth co writes, Lucy Liu, Russell Crowe and RZA star. RZA is all over this movie having worked on the script and story, he stars in it, and he is directing. This might not be a bad thing. It’s well known that the Wu Tang Clan are massive old school Kung Fu fans, and with the talent he has on board here I feel it’s going to be hard to mess this up!

The story seems pretty simple. In fact it’s so easy to follow you really only need these bullet points! RZA builds some metal fists. He puts them on. There is a group of gangs that rule over everyone with violence. Wise crack remarks ensue. Lots and lots of violence. Slow mo Kung Fu. Blood splats. The end!

The trailer is an action and gore hounds wet dream. RZA’s banging away on making his new creation, two massive metal gloves (like the one Hell Boy has on his hand only smaller) and then slapping them bad boys onto his hands. The ex WWE wrestler Batista pops up as some kind of iron monster (like the X men’s Colossus). As long as he does not have to talk too much we should be alright. Have you ever seen Wrong Side of Town? Don’t! You will never get that time back and you will feel dirty inside!

Russell Crowe

Anyway back to this! There’s Russell Crowe with the beefiest scar I’ve ever seen across his cheek flashing his fancy knife about, and Lucy Liu gets to command loads of soldiers while wielding a fan covered in blades. This is not too dissimilar from Kill Bill. In fact lots of the set designs and costumes look straight outta Kill Bill which is no bad thing. The colors and designs are flawless.

There are plenty of slow mo scenes and when you have a scene where blood splashes flow into a slow motion fountain and then a guy gets his eye popped put out straight to camera you know there is going to be some classy gore in this. Then there are the weapons! Boy are there weapons! Women with blades in their mouths, massive whips, metal chests, gun knives and fans with blades are just a few of the instruments of violence on show here. The thing I thing I love most about this trailer is the fact its old school exploitation mixed in with classic king fu but all spruced up and pretty for a new audience. The fact it does not seem to give monkeys that it’s an excuse for some hard core violence and slow mo kung fu makes it even better! I’ll be fist in line when this piece of explosive eye candy hits the screens sometime this year.

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