True Blood 5.04 – “We’ll Meet Again”

Well, folks, our worst fears have been realized.  The faeries are back.  Not only are they back, but they’ve opened a Moulin Rouge where vampires can never go.  Jason and Andy get sucked into an evening with stripper faeries; and before they get thrown out for pissing everyone off, Jason learns from his cousin that his parents may not have died in a flood, but because of vampires after their faerie blood.  Those poor Stackhouses can’t catch a break.

Sookie is off the deep end; and Anna Paquin tends to play a really annoying unhinged person, and not very convincing.  However, Sookie has had a pretty rough day, so I’ll cut her some slack.  Everyone hates her for forcing Tara to be turned to a vampire.  She’s worried about what Alcide will do now that he knows who killed Debbie.  Lafayette is so mad at Sookie for telling Alcide about what happened the night Debbie was murdered that he voodoos her car to careen out of control, forcing her to jump out of a moving vehicle before it wraps itself around a pole.  By the way, did anyone else notice she was going well over 70 mph and just rolled to safety?

I also think it’s pretty bizarre how okay with everything Alcide seems to be.  I know he’s in love with Sookie, but it makes him literally retarded.  Let’s take a look at some of the logical decisions he’s made since finding out that Sookie went nuts and blew up his ex-girlfriend.  One, he lied to Debbie’s parents and said Marcus was responsible for her death so Sookie would not be implicated.  Two, he goes to her house to check on her where he Three, starts drinking and making out with her.  Come on, Alcide.  Get it together.  Grow some balls!  Can’t he see that she’s only a fang-banger, and she’s only ever strung him along?

We’re able to catch up with Terry and Patrick this episode, who are apparently in South Dakota.  We are given a flashback via Terry’s dream to the time the two of them spent in Iraq; and they were responsible for the deaths of many innocent citizens.  Eventually, the two catch up with their “friend” who’s apparently gone totally cuckoo living in a fallout shelter.  He immediately pulls a gun on them.

Things are still shaking up over with the Authority.  They learn from Nora that there may be another traitor in their midst, one who opposes the agenda to mainstream vampires.  It turns out to be the loud, annoying child and he is totally staked.  Roman’s so heartless, just going around with stakes, killing kids.  Honey badger don’t care.  Honey badger don’t give a shit. Probably the saddest thing to happen on the show in awhile is that Eric released Pam’s connection to him as her maker.  He did it for her own protection, as he and Bill felt sure their deaths were imminent (either by Russell Edgington or by the Authority).  He told her his bloodline must live through her, and now Tara.  And then I’m sure Tara had some lines in the episode, but all I heard was a high-pitched buzzing.

Oh, and someone killed Sam’s shifter friends.  They were kind of annoying.

All in all, not a bad episode.  I’m loving this new side to Pam and all of the background we’re getting on her.  I also am loving the storyline of the Authority, and I’m really loving to hate Roman.  A few things are concerning to me, however…

I don’t understand the point of Terry’s little side adventure.  The thing I really liked about Terry is that he added some humor to the show; the way he delivered his lines was always very funny.  This new material they’re giving him is kind of confusing, and kind of a downer.  It doesn’t really add much to the show, it feels kind of like digressing from what’s really going on.

The reintroduction of the faeries is more than a little off-putting.  We all remember the monstrosity of a premier season four had (unless you’re repressing most of it, like I am).  That was because of faeries.  I can’t think of any story that has ever been made that has been improved by having characters who were faeries.  They just piss me off so much.

Also, I never realized how annoying Sookie really is.  I’m hoping I forget real soon.

I give this episode 3.5/5 bears…even though I think it’s cruel to use half a bear.

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