Movement on Edgar Wright’s ‘Ant-Man’ Movie?

So the Ant-Man movie, I’m hearing mixed reviews all over the shop about this flick. People are excited about the prospect of another Edgar Wright movie, but don’t seem pleased that it’s a film about a guy who talks to ants and shrinks down really small. ‘Ant-Man’ was a founding member of ‘the Avengers’ in the Marvel Universe, and has been through many revamps (the most recent been him taking on the costume and name of his deceased ex-wife and having a strange relationship with a robot that has his dead wife’s memories!).

So which Ant Man is it that’s getting made? Seems most likely that it’s Henry Pym (the scientist, wife beater and robot lover!).  If this is the case it will be based on the original early stories of him fighting Egghead (a simple time when villains were named after the shape of their heads!) and the like.

Ant-ManHank Pym is a man of many masks

Personally I think the new Ant Man, Eric O’Grady would be a far better fit for Edgar. Eric is a low-level shield operative who found Pym’s particles and suited up to make money. He’s a lazy coward, but essentially becomes a hero. Perfect film fodder! Anyway no matter which ‘Ant Man’ is chosen, there’s been some important developments in the movie that’s been on and off for a while.

Ant-ManFirstly, Bleeding Cool reported that 3 comic shops in London reported a massive increase in sales of Ant-Man comics. Any Ant-Man comics no matter what condition! It does not seem like collectors at work. Collectors would have been buying the best of the bunch not any old bits and bobs. Also these 3 comic shops are close to major film studios. Coincidence? As I’ve mentioned before Ant Man’s never been a huge seller (hence the constant changing of his character) so it’s weird that so many issues would be sold.

Ant-ManA few days later THR reported that there is actual Ant Man test footage filmed and ready to show. Now this could very easily be timed into Comic Con which is soon. Comic Con loves to shock the fans with surprise footage. Could this be the said footage? What the footage actually is no one knows. I’m guessing a show reel of Ant Man changing shape, maybe smacking someone while tiny, talking to ants, who knows! No matter how you cut it it’s looking like the Ant Man movie has some movement whether you are excited about it or not!

2 thoughts on “Movement on Edgar Wright’s ‘Ant-Man’ Movie?”

  1. its its the eric o grady antman i think its nathan fillion but man that might be because i think he can play anything! hank pym i suppose it depends if they wanna make him broody or funny! i have no idea!


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