Django Unchained: New Spot shows Sam Jackson

Did you think it was possible to get so many great films in one year; The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit, Skyfall and several others – well Tarantino looks to be bringing this great year in cinema to an end with a December release of Django Unchained. This latest TV spot is going to make you wet yourself with excitement, like all good trailers should.

The best trailer yet? Well I think it is because we get to see Samuel L. Jackson in his role, even if it is a bit short and he looks a little dilapidated. Not a great deal more to say on the matter as the rest of the spot shows footage from previous trailers but we are excited to see Sam’s role.

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Now we have the pics of Samuel L. Jackson in his role…

Finally what do you think about the Spot and Sam’s role in it?

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