CCI 2012: Cosplay! Part 1

Yes, Comic-Con International hits every year full of news, premieres, announcements, big studios, celebrities, you name it. But it also brings out the fans in droves, and that many fans crammed into one place tends to erupt into a smorgasbord of cosplay enthusiasts. Of course, with any costume you have to be safe, and the first step in safety is this:


Thanks to C Tan for the pic. That’s gotta be kind of embarassing… Can you imagine a full on 90’s Cable cosplayer having to unstrap 34 guns and open 12 pockets from his right leg? Pure embarrassment.

Anyway, here’s our first sampling. Enjoy.




From C Tan, who if you didn’t realize by now is at the CCI with Dr. Kronner:


MTV Geek:


Check out more Comic-Con coverage here, more pics on our Tumblr and follow the action at the Con over on our Twitter!

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