CCI 2012: Sneak Peek at 2 Minutes of Dexter Season 7!

If you are anything like me, you are probably losing what’s left of your sanity awaiting the return of Dexter on Showtime. September 30th is taking forever to arrive! Well, my fellow serial-killer lovers, this should help you survive:

I have speculated many times what Deb’s reaction would be to finding Dexter, however, in none of my speculations did I ever consider the way Travis was strapped down in saran wrap might trigger a very negative reaction from Deb, who was strapped down the same way by her former fiance’/Dexter’s brother Brian. I have so many questions… and yet I feel somewhat more content after seeing this. At least I know for sure that they aren’t going to blow it off, and she does officially know he has killed…well… at least once.

Dexter season 7 premieres, of course, September 30th on Showtime.

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