CCI 2012: Cosplay! Part 2 – Over 70 Photos!

Welcome back to the second part of our look at the best Cosplay from Comic-Con International. You can check out the first here. I waited a bit before posting this as Cosplay pics have the tendency to trickle out the week after Comic-Con International and I wanted this to be a large collection. Now I regret that idea because we have such a large freaking collection! So why am I wasting time still yammering here? Let’s take a look at some of the best Cosplay from the CCI!










And that’s it! That’s a lot of Cosplay, which is par for the course when it comes to CCI. Hope you enjoyed our look at some of the great costumes from San Diego. See you next year!

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2 thoughts on “CCI 2012: Cosplay! Part 2 – Over 70 Photos!”

  1. While we were there, the 3 characters I saw most heavily represented were (and it’s by a large margin) Doctor Who, Spiderman, and Poison Ivy. A little surprised by all the Ivys. There were also a plethora of Wolverine, Harley Quinn, and PORTAL related stuff.


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