Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 209 – Crazy Mary

It is always a bit alarming when the Femme Fatales beginning pops up only to be followed by a close up of an engagement ring and sunny music accompanying a proposal. It was a little off putting because I did not expect it. Until she asked after the proposal what could make the moment more perfect. Then he talked about multiple orgasms. Yep. Came to the right place. (Seriously no pun intended.)


This week’s episode is called “Crazy Mary” and after that first sex scene, we get treated to the reality of the situation. She was just watching TV and was imagining herself and her finance on television living happily ever after. Nooooooppppeeee. Her name is Mary (Kate Luyben) and she’s in jail because as the title suggests, that chick cray. Crazy enough to kill someone apparently, or at least look like she did. But of course, there has to be someone in prison giving her shit and that’s Gloria (Janelle Guimarra). Mary is just trying to watch her shows, but of course has to get told she’s a bitch. Mary is not going to stand for that so she stands up to Gloria, and probably unintentionally the greatest moment in Femme Fatales history happens: The Punch.

It’s hard to describe “The Punch” without seeing and hearing it for yourself. Do you remember during recess and you were playing heroes vs. villains with a group of friends and you did fake punches and made ridiculous sounds as you connected, much like the old Batman TV series with Adam West only instead you screamed the word “POW!” or “SMACK!” This is the more ridiculous version of that. The most unrealistic hit and sound effect occurs at this moment and unfortunately for the episode, it is the only thing I can talk about right now. I laughed hysterically. So much that I have rewound it several times to continue laughing. Okay, I’m done. But seriously, that was as epic as The Hitcher kick to the back of the officer’s head.

Okay back to the episode, after the punch, Gloria makes it seem like she was the one that got hit and Mary tries to get a witness to say Gloria started the fight, but apparently Gloria owns the joint and gave that stern, “I am going to kidney punch you silly” look and Mary gets blamed for everything. That shit cray. Cue Lilith giving the rundown of Mary’s plight. Also cue the obligatory Tanit Phoenix pic.

Out of your system? Cool. Mary is trying to explain to the psych evaluator that she never killed her husband. We get a replay of what happened in her mind and what the police really found (or didn’t find in this case). Looks like she is a lost cause fighting for her story. The solution? Shock therapy of course. But looks like she might not be off base because on her way, she meets up with The Madman (Nick Principe), who looks insanely tall and…uhh…insane. Props for director Darin Scott for playing up the creepiness of this episode with the overall look and off kilter shots to keep us a bit unhinged and off balance watching this episode. The idea of hospitals are creepy enough and he makes it even more so with the look and direction of the episode, again continuing the good streak of setting the mood of the last couple of episodes.

The Madman is done great just like an old 70s or 80s horror villain. You do not need to flesh out the character, you just need to make him a mute man on a mission. Everyone else serves their purpose, but the episode is so quick, you end up not caring about the other characters at all. Then again, this is Mary’s story so other than giving her creepy people who will probably get theirs, it really is not important because if you stop and flesh out a character, chances are you will be absolutely destroyed by a nightstick wielded by the Madman.

It’s a very quick episode and it leaves it open for more so hopefully they mark a return for the characters. It does start off as silly and pretty fluff, but if you stick with it, it will entertain you if anything for the suspense and the stalking. Not spectacular, but it was worth a look see. And damn, at least watch ‘The Punch”. That shit cray.

2 thoughts on “Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 209 – Crazy Mary”

  1. What is the name of the actress who is tied to the table at the end of this episode? Her name is not shown in the credits.


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