Skyfall Explosion – New James Bond Trailer and Info

James Bond is back with a bang if the new trailers are anything to go by. There’s tons of new stuff about Daniel Craig’s return as Bond as well as his unexpected arrival at a certain event going on in London right now.

Teaser trailer time. Yahoo Movies have the salivainducing teaser that gives us just enough Bond action to keep us on the edge of our seats!

I love the slow build on this with the word association scene and the delivery of the ‘Skyfall’ line just brings shivers down your spine. Bond is back as a bad ass instead of the wimp he turned into in Quantum of Solace! There’s some great little action clips here to, especially the train crashing into the wall. Overall this is a great little taste of what is to come.

Moving on to the main trailer which can be found on The Nerd Signal. Now this is almost 3 minutes of absolutely bond joy. Below is the international trailer which shows much of the same story but it’s told in a slightly different way with some shots lasting longer so its worth checking that out to!

Again the build up is amazing. The ransacked room, the train fight, Bond been taken out with that shocking image of him floating to the depths of the water. I don’t think I have ever seen one image so powerful in a James Bond before. Bond actually looks like he has been taken out. Also M shines through here as she gives the orders for the kill shot. Bonds return and haggard look is perfect to. This bond is messed up after his experience. Here’s hoping we get a 80s style training montage for him later!

The exchange between Gareth Mallory (played by Ralph Fiennes) and M (played again by the marvellous Judi Dench) is great and a nice little intro into what’s going on plot wise. These two actors have some serious flicks under their belt so I’m hoping for some awesome verbal exchanges throughout the movie.

The introduction of the new Q is interesting to. I like the newer techno nerd approach and Ben Whishaw already has some awesome film credentials, one been a certain movie called Layer Cake which starred Daniel Craig! The palm print encoded gun is right out of Judge Dredd, but it works. Not to techno (like the Pierce Brosnan flicks) but cutting edge enough to keep the old school James Bond fans happy. The scenes in Shanghai look incredible with Bond lady Sévérine (played by Bérénice Marlohe) actually looking like she is terrified of the main villain.

This leads us to Silva, played menacingly by Javier Bardem of No Country for Old Men fame. In the few scenes we see him in he reeks of menace, that calm calculated menace that classic Bond villains are made of. Also with his blond hair he looks a lot like Max Zorin played by one of my all time favorite actors Christopher Walken, in A View to a Kill. One of the best lines of dialogue comes out of these two exchange verbal blows. “What’s your hobby?” says Silva to a tied up Bond. “Resurrection”.

Again the amazing train scene, the deathly floating in the water and the massive lift fall with gunfire, lots and lots of gunfire all pop up to show this flick is action heavy! This looks an amazing bond film. I don’t know if it’s the wait or the slow pace of the last one but this certainly seems like its hitting all the things I look for in my Bond movies!

Now while all this is going on a certain Danny Boyle had other plans for Mr Bond. Imagine the scene. London. Buckingham Palace. A familiar figure walks into frame. Interested? Of cause you are watch the full video of this epic event here on Uproxx.

This blew everyone away when they watched it been screened live at the start of the Olympics. The exciting thing was that you were not sure if Daniel Craig was playing Bond at first but when you found out he was it was mind-blowing but no one expected the Queen to pop her head around to give him his orders. Makes sense to she is higher up than M and maybe if M is going to keep getting fellow agents to shoot at him he wants to visit the big boss and work for her directly instead! Obviously just a bit of fun but so well-played that it was a joy to watch.

So there you have it so far for Bond news but I’m sure there will be plenty more coming up in the next few weeks so watch this space. But while you wait why not look at this piece of retro fan art from mi6-hq

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  1. tim when you have liked my work it always makes me smile as i know its the seal of approval of good writing :D cheers man


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