‘The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1’ Blu-Ray Releasing September 25th

It’s official. On September 25th 2012, multitudes of Bat-fans like myself will be able to experience the splendor that is Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns… in high definition! That’s right, the first part of the animated version, of perhaps the best Batman story out there will be available to watch over and over again. The Dark Knight Returns may be one of, if not the best Batman story out there, and also one of the best comic book stories as well.

Check out the trailer below as some of the best scenes from the comic are played out before our very eyes. In particular, Batman’s fierce brawl with the leader of the Mutants:

Definitely epic. The part with Batman rising out of the mud is simply chill inducing in it’s badassery. My favorite clip is probably the all too brief glimpse of the Joker’s lips smiling while he is watching the re-emergence of Batman unfold on the TV. As good as part one will be, part 2 will be the one that I’ll be most excited for in 2013.

Aside from what looks like top notch animation, the voice of Batman sounds pretty excellent even after being spoiled for years by the tremendous job Kevin Conroy has done. Peter Weller of Robocop fame seems to have the old man Batman voice nailed down tight. Weller also has a damn decent voice cast behind him. Ariel Winter from ABC’s Modern Family will be playing Robin, and Wade Williams and Michael McKean will also be voicing characters.

Anyone else as stoked as me about this release? Anyone never read the Dark Knight Returns and still interested? Sound off below!

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