Doctor Who: Series 7 – New Trailer Hit, It’s Awesome!

The BBC Website released what all of us Doctor Who fans had been waiting for. The new trailer for Series 7!

I’ll talk about it soon, but first just go and immerse yourself in the best 90 seconds that has ever been broadcast on the world-wide web!

Now as you can tell from my unbiased introduction I love Doctor Who! The last series I feel struggled in some areas, but was still some of the greatest television Sci-Fi of the last year. Lets break down what we have right here to look forward to.

Daleks. Yep they are back. It seems they come back every series even if their home world has been destroyed, there is only one of them left, etc! These are old school Daleks, so they must be from the Doctor’s past. The Daleks got a make over in the new series and became all techno-colored. Can’t tell if we’ll see those new Daleks in the upcoming series, but it’s nice to see the retro ones back in action.

We also see some dinosaurs, lots of them it seems! The raptors looked the most impressive, but the Doctor, Amy, and Rory riding a dino means there is still that element of fun in this series. There even looks like there is a dinosaur hunter similar to in Jurassic Park.

The Doctor Who series has always loved robots, and I love these anime style ones with the slightly camp accents. Just a shame the did not appear more in this trailer! But it’s not just robots! There is an awesome scene with a cyborg cowboy [Ed. Note – ala Westworld] and the Doctor riding off on a horse with his Stetson on! The cyborg cowboy reminded me of the old 1994 Sci Fi mash-up Oblivion, which was a cowboy/alien movie long before Cowboys vs Aliens arrived on our screens.

And just to give you all nightmares, there’s the child ‘weeping angel’ which will be keeping me awake tonight!

The old cast appears again starting off straight away with Amy and Rory being kidnapped with the Doctor by the Daleks. They are all over this trailer. In fact, so much it seems, that they are likely going to be around for at least the first few episodes. We already know there is a new assistant, but we don’t know when she will be appearing. My guess is that either Rory and Amy will be on the entire series and leave at the end, or there will be a more violent end for the duo. Maybe River Song is involved as we already know she is in the trailer.

The main focus of the trailer is the Doctor’s anger. Throughout every series there has always been that aggressive and dangerous streak and here it comes out in full. The end scene of all the dead Daleks, and the Doctor holding Amy in his arms is chilling. Here’s hoping the rest of the series lives up to this trailer.

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