Dexter Season 7: Showtime’s First Full Trailer!

Back in mid-July, during CCI, we showed you the first 2 minutes of the season 7 premiere (if you haven’t seen it, click here!). As if that two minutes wasn’t exciting enough, I bring you, friends of the internet, the first full trailer from Showtime!

This trailer could not have been better in any way! I have been excited about season 7. I knew that Deb has now seen Dexter kill someone. I was sure, though, that the rest would remain a secret. I was sure that she’d never find out who he really is. And now? I have no idea what is going to happen… and I love it! Also, they used one of my favorite songs of all time “Change” by Deftones. This trailer makes it seem like season 7 is going to be dark. Season 6 made me really miss Dexter’s dark passenger. It appears that they have brought him back.

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