Fringe: Season 5 Promos Make Me Hate Linear Time…

If you’re not watching Fringe, you’re missing the best science fiction show on television, hands down. No other show takes such enterprising risks week to week with its narrative technique, story, character development, and concepts. It’s pretty daring to try to get the average viewer to accept such off the wall things as time travel, multi-verses, transhumanism, bio-engineering, genetic manipulation, and still have it all centered around a humane, emotional center. Last season, they pulled the most daring thing the show has done yet, and flash forwarded 20 years into the future, and showed us the true nature of the dystopian future we saw a glimpse of in Season 3. This season looks to show us how we get to that future, where the Observers start to do quite a bit more than observe.

That promo alone is packed with lots of juicy flashes there, a number of which have me speculating quite wildly. Will The Observers take Etta forcefully? Are they growing/harvesting organs? Why are they torturing Walter? And what’s the deal with the hatch they’re looking down into? Is a Scottish man in there, pushing a button to save the world?

It’s probably just a visual reference, since both shows are produced by JJ. Abrams, but I can’t help but wonder. On a website, somewhere, there’s probably mind-bending fan fiction being written, based on this shot alone. Either way, we’ll all have to wait until September 28th, to find out exactly what the hell is gonna happen to our favorite Fringe scientists, and whether or not they’ll stop the dire future we saw from happening.

Man, I wish I could see all time at once like The Observers, so I could watch this show already. Stupid linear time!

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