First Look At The New RoboCop… And It’s Not Good

Yeah, the banner isn’t what RoboCop will look like, sorry. I actually rather like the banner one.

But we do know what Robocop will look like now and yeah, it’s pretty bad. The original film had a great deal of originality to its look, from the Robocop suit to the ED-209. Granted these needed to be updated for a remake of the film but I still think that what we have seen so far has been done before. ED-209 looks like a small Transformer and the RoboCop suit, well… I will go over what I think of the new suit and do some comparisons after you look at the images below for yourselves.

Via [Comingsoon]

First off let’s have a quick look at the suit from a non-comparison stand point. The suit looks a little clunky in the second picture which should really be better in 21st century film robots. Then there is the fact that it doesn’t look like he is a cyborg. Granted there is just a man in a suit in filming but I was expecting a half man half machine look at least. The only evidence that might suggest this would be the right hand not being covered by the suit (really! Is that it?).

GI Joe Suits

Now is the comparison part. This suit looks like a combination of at least 5 different suits from film and games in the last 10 years. Why is this a problem? Well, apart from the complete lack of originality this proves it also makes the film start to blend into the fabric of those films rather than stand out as its own. Remember all of those comparisons made between the look of the alien ships in Battleship and the robot aliens of Transformers? People kept saying it’s a total rip off of Transformers, and that’s how it starts. People have seen it before which makes them think they are watching the same film over and over rather than a new film, and can seriously piss ’em off.

Here is a collection of the Grizzly Staff’s reactions to first seeing the new RoboCop suit:

Tim The Film Guy: “haha oh no that’s not right, thought I just saw Batman’s motor bike suit”

Dr. Kronner: “This looks turrible.”

Supascoot: “Motocross mixed with Tron and aspects of the Bat suit do not make a good Robocop.”

CTan: “Did they dig out the GI Joe suit?”

Brucewalken: “I actually laughed when I saw it. It’s hilarious. That film I reviewed, Robowar. The costume the cyborg has in that flick is better than the RoboCop costume! Maybe they have played too much Halo as it looks to me like a biker helmet stuck on a Halo costume painted black. Unimpressed.“

Cheesebadger: “I’m…. Just really gonna keep hope that it’ll work in the movie.”

So basically it’s a collection of all black armored suits in films and games. We’ll have to wait to see more before I, or any of the staff apparently, will be convinced that this is a good look for RoboCop.

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2 thoughts on “First Look At The New RoboCop… And It’s Not Good”

  1. haha. yep. i thought some of the same stuff when I saw the suit for the first time. GI Joe mixed with Master Chief mixed with Batman and Iron man. Like Cheesebadger, I am hoping it works for the movie itself, but unless they are planning to do more with it, it may truly suffer from the audience’s attitude of “seen it before”


    1. I am guessing from the simplicity of that they are going to add a bunch of CGI to it in editing, but this maybe it, on the other hand there is the idea that he goes through a few different suits so who knows (i hate this one though)
      Thanks for commenting FF :D


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