Seth MacFarlane: New Show, New Cosmos, & Oscars?

I want to know what star Seth MacFarlane had sex with, and then how good that sex had to be that the star then went and told all the other stars that they should go ahead and align in Seth MacFarlane’s favor this year. Seriously.

  • Back in December he was nominated for two Grammy Awards.
  • His movie, Ted, grossed $434,118,550 worldwide. That’s a lot of money for a teddy bear. It is the 6th on the list of top grossing movies for 2012. To put it in perspective- the cinematic masterpiece Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection came in 27th.
  • He currently has three shows airing on Fox- Family Guy, American Dad!, and The Cleveland Show.
  • He hosted this season’s premiere of Saturday Night Live.

On top of all that, Fox has given him another live-action order. Not only that, but it’s for a put-pilot, meaning it will air, and there is a ‘series penalty commitment’ involved, meaning that if Fox does not pick it up as a series, THEY still have to pay out.  MacFarlane will be an executive producer and Wellesley Wild and Alec Sulkin are on board as writers and executive producers. The three teamed up for the Ted screenplay, and have worked together on Family Guy for many years. Sulkin and Wild also worked together as writers for the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn back in 1999. The project hasn’t announced a title yet, but is about two guys in their 30’s who end up having their fathers move in with them. Should be interesting.

If animation or single-cam live action comedy is not your thing, don’t worry! Mr. MacFarlane is producing the relaunch of the classic documentary series called Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey scheduled to air in 2014, and it stars Neil deGrasse Tyson (seen below being awesome).

As if all that was not enough, this little video came out yesterday.

That’s right folks, he’s hosting the 85th Annual Academy Awards!

Question is- will people tune in to see him? After hosts with big names like Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, and Jon Stewart will the average movie goer and TV watcher even recognize Mr. MacFarlane’s name, much less his face? My husband is a huge Family Guy fan, and I’d be will to bet he wouldn’t recognize the man if he ever came across him.

Do people even care about the host anymore? They certainly are vocal about how much each host sucks, and often specific in their reasoning behind that assessment, but how many people are talking about how awesome a job an awards show host has done? I can’t say I see much of it in my twitter feed. Then again I may just follow the loud and cynical crowd.

No matter how he ends up doing, one thing is obvious: The world is Seth MacFarlane’s oyster right now. It remains to be seen if anything can stop him.

The 85th Annual Academy Awards will air on ABC on February 24th, 2013.

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