The Walking Dead: 3.02 – “Sick” Review

Yes, it has been a few days since the episode “Sick” aired on AMC. You can’t blame us for the late posting! I am from Detroit, so we are very caught up in our whole being in the world series thing.

Now then… let’s get to it! This episode took me by surprise for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, there has been some character development. For one brief instance, I liked Carol’s character. I know… I was surprised too. She is always so damn useless and unimpressive. When I see her, I yawn. However, in this episode, Carol levels up. She has been trained by Hershel to assist with Lori’s medical needs when she delivers the baby, so she is helping with Hershel’s lost limb situation. She also kills a female walker to practice performing a Caesarean section when Lori goes into labor. For about one small second, Carol, I liked you.

T-Dog also got slightly more badass! Usually, T-Dog’s job is to stand around and exist. In this episode, T-Dog gets chatty when the fellas confront the other survivors. T-Dog can be quite the cool character!

Oh yes, the others! The five prisoners who survived the attack on the prison were brought out of the cafeteria, where they had been eating, sleeping, defecating and apparently working out since the walkers started appearing. The cafeteria had massive amounts of food for the group, which Rick agreed to split with the five in exchange for helping them clear out another cell block for the possibly dangerous group to stay in.

Big Tiny started off as my favorite of the new guys. Unfortunately, he couldn’t handle the reality of the situation when he got scratched by a walker. The crazy Mexican convict bashed Big Tiny’s brains in, but not just enough to kill him; the psycho obliterated him. When I saw this, I knew he was going to die, and he got taken care of after he tossed a walker at Rick.

Now we have 3 of the 5 prisoners left. The little guy with the bat runs off and is PRESUMED dead, but since when do they kill people off-screen on this show? The other 2 are moved into another cell block and told to stay out of the way.

Hershel remains alive,  not a walker, although the very dimwitted Lori gave him mouth to mouth and I panicked because he looked like he might attack her. I am glad that he is alive, however if he had died I would understand. Here is what I keep thinking about… Hershel now has 1 and a half legs, a baby is about to be born, and Lori (if she survives giving birth) will be out of commission for a bit. Having a baby with no drugs or modern medicine…imagine that! I am in pain just thinking about it. Good thing Carl never stays where he’s told…

While my mind would be full of how to survive, Lori’s is full of her need for Rick to talk to her about their relationship. Boring! My thoughts: She should wait it out! He doesn’t necessarily have any other options, I mean, the world is full of the undead and a possible few stragglers. He will stop thinking with his brain one day, and start thinking with his genitalia. And we all know she’s good for that! *wink*

This week was very exciting, however I feel like the prisoners were taken care of very quickly. The Hispanic guy could have been a great villain!  I liked the character development, even if it was subtle.

4/5 Grizzlies

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