Arrow News: Royal Flush Gang For Sure, Maybe Even Kate Spencer’s Manhunter?

There’s more news coming out of the Arrow camp and this time it’s about a long-standing DC villain group, The Royal Flush Gang. They are going to appear in the sixth episode titled “Legacies” airing on November 14th. Call me crazy, but I have this strange feeling that Ace is not going to be an android in this version.

The Royal Flush Gang

Actually we already know who is going to play Ace and he isn’t an android at all. He’s a real man. With a human brain and everything. His name is Kyle Schmid. Who is Kyle Schmid you might ask? Well if you’ve stuck to mainly basic cable the last couple of years, you probably have missed him. He’s been on the Syfy channel’s Being Human and this past year was starring in Copper over on BBCAmerica; a show that you should be watching. Go ahead and download it from Amazon. You can thank me later.

Kyle Schmid / Currie Graham

Not only do we know who Ace is, but King as well! It’s that guy who you see a picture of and think “I know that guy, I’m sure of it, but I honestly could not tell you where from.” I know this because that is exactly what I said to myself when I saw a picture of Currie Graham. By going through his resume, I realized that I know him from many shows as a guest/short-term star but sadly, I mainly recognize him from that 90’s classic, Suddenly Susan. Please do not go download that from somewhere, trust me, it’s not really worth it.

As for Queen, Jack, and Ten? Well they haven’t been announced yet, nor is anyone else listed as the characters on the episode’s imdb page. What we do know is that the gang is going to be a bunch of bank robbers so not that far off from their comic book counterparts. Now if they find a way to break into the bank on flying playing cards, I’ll be a happy woman.

What are actor announcements without pictures? Not much! Luckily the powers that be also released some pictures along with the “Legacies” news.

With this news being released it confirms yet another “guest villain” rumor. It makes one wonder, how many more rumors will be confirmed before the season is over? We already know about Deathstroke and The Huntress (who is more of an anti-hero than a villain), and just today it was announced that Andrew Dunbar has been cast as a firefighter named Gabriel Lynns. Lynns, who was badly burned in a fire years ago and is now a wee bit mentally unstable, is also known as Firefly and is usually a member of Batman’s rogues gallery. He’s been scheduled to appear in episode ten which will be sometime after the new year.


That’s four more villains and the way they’ve been plowing through them at one an episode so far, four is not going to cut it. Who else could they bring in? I’m thinking that Deadshot is not dead. What would be cool is if they brought back Deadshot and then added in the story line with his daughter that lives there in Star City. Maybe she is another incredibly beautiful lawyer who works at the prettiest legal aid office in the entire world? That could easily happen.

One rumor that has not had a lot of press, is that Kate Spencer is making an appearance. Apparently back in August Ashley Scott, who played The Huntress on the good but short-lived Birds of Prey, tweeted that she was reading for the part of Kate Spencer. Of course she made no mention of Ms. Spencer’s counterpart, Manhunter, but then again, she was only working with 140 characters so we’ll have to wait and see what comes of that.

I’m fairly certain that in the scenes with the book of names, I saw that of Isabel Rochev. I think she would be a great recurring character, especially with Walter. Since Oliver isn’t taking over the company as his mother and Walter had wished, maybe they go searching for a new company head? Perhaps from Serbia? We’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

Not a villain but listed on the cast for episode 5 (airing November 7th) is an actor named Sebastian Dunn. He is playing Edward Fryers which makes me wonder, will they bring in Shado? That would be awesome but I have this feeling the CW isn’t going to stick with the whole “I raped you and this is your son and later on I’m going to shoot your other son but then we are going to be friends again” storyline. On second thought, maybe Shado isn’t going to be making an appearance.

If the writers were to call me up right now and ask who I would most like to see on Arrow, it would be, without a doubt, Onomatopoeia. He has been one of my favorites for a while now, thanks in no small part to his name. What a great name that is! Especially given that he lives his name and likes to say out loud the “bam, pow, kaboom, swish” found in comics. Onomatopoeia would have been in heaven in the 60’s TV version of Batman.

So that’s who I want to see. How about you? What resident of the DC Universe would you like the writers of Arrow to find a way to work into the show?

Let me know, then watch Arrow when it airs on Wednesday nights at 8 pm central on the CW, and then come back here and we’ll discuss it. Sounds like a plan.


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