Plans For ‘Casablanca’ Sequel

When reading about the possibility of a Casablanca sequel on Huffington Post, I could not stop shaking my head. I thought this must be some sort of joke, and there is no way this will happen. Well, my friends, it is true. A sequel to one of the greatest films of all time has already been written… the strange part is by whom. Howard Koch, one of the co-writers of the original Casablanca script, wrote Return to Casablanca in 1980, about 40 years after the original was released. Cass Warner, who is part of the WB family, discovered this script and intends to have it made into a film.

Another concern I have is who would play Rick and Ilsa? Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman both passed away quite some time ago and I cannot think of a single actor or actress who could bring these two characters to life again. While Cass Warner searches for a filmmaker for this sequel that was turned down by WB a year and a half ago, I deem it already doomed. Casablanca is one of the most beloved films of all time. Several other films, TV shows and music artists have paid homage to the classic, verifying its huge impact on the world. From time to time, you’ll notice your friends quoting Casablanca. I cannot imagine that the sequel will have nearly as much impact. Generally, sequels are not nearly as good as the original. And with such a classic as Casablanca, WB would need one hell of a script.

3 thoughts on “Plans For ‘Casablanca’ Sequel”

  1. It’s only when news like this come along you really feel the full impact of the nefarious remake/sequel culture that pervades Hollywood presently. Damn there eyes.


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