Vertigo Is Coming To ‘Arrow’… Kind Of

Another day, another Arrow character announcement. This one is exciting but at the same time makes me feel a little trepidatious. Who is this new character? Why, it’s none other than Count Vertigo.

TV Line first reported this story along with the news that while Count Vertigo was coming, he wasn’t going to be called Count Vertigo or even Vertigo at all. I’m a pretty easy going type of gal and usually things like name changes don’t bother me. I don’t really like that it’s Starling City( as opposed to Star City) in the show, but I’ve been able to move on and not lose sleep over it. This however? This one might take some getting used to. Not only is Count Vertigo such a known character, he’s a rather large-ish character in the Green Arrow world. If I remember correctly, he would be the first (announced) villain that is truly a Green Arrow villain. So to take him and then make him into someone else but with aspects of the original Count Vertigo just seems to be a little blasphemous.

According to TV Line,a source told them that Not Vertigo would be “truly scary and nightmarish” and that the name Vertigo will actually be that of a drug this villain is putting into the hands of Starling City residents. I bet you dollars to donuts, Thea “Speedy” Queen will be one of those lucky winners. They’ve laid the groundwork in earlier episodes so it wouldn’t be an out of left field kind of thing when she shows up tweaking.

No casting has been announced as of yet, but Not Vertigo is scheduled to make his premiere sometime in early 2013.

There is however, one casting announcement to be made. The fine people over at IGN are reporting that Ben Browder is scheduled to appear as Ted Gaynor, head of the Blackhawks in early 2013. Most sci-fi fans will recognize Browder as John Crichton of Farscape.

As much as I enjoyed Farscape, Ben Browder will always be Sam Brody from Party of Five for me. I’ll admit to swooning quite a bit whenever ol’ Sam hit the screen. We’ll have to see if he has the same effect as Ted Gaynor.

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