‘Silent Night’ is Coming to Town

“Garbage day!”  It’s time for the holidays, and along with them are some new cinematic releases.  Since the first time I saw Gremlins, I loved the holiday horror genre.  Combining slasher flicks with seasonal joy is the Captain in my eggnog.  When I first laid eyes on the new trailer for Silent Night, I felt literal Christmas joy.

The trailer speaks for itself.  Titled Silent Night, and including a deranged murderous Santa Claus, we can expect this to model the 1984 classic.  I was also quite pleased to see some great names like Jaime King, and Malcolm McDowell.  Then I saw King in the first few seconds of the trailer and couldn’t stop thinking of Marge from Fargo.  I got over it when they showed flashbacks of Santa hunting down some scantily clad lady in a warmer setting.  Part of me was thinking, “What is this?  Wasn’t everyone just wearing coats and furry hats?”  Then I realized the story being told was about a Santa who skips from town to town seeking out his next prey.  Though this made the trailer a bit flimsy and I found myself lost in confusion more often than not, it did what it was intended to do.  It showed the opportunity for gore, promiscuity, and a climactic fight scene between Frances, I mean, Jaime King and Santa Claus.  I can dig it, but can anybody else?

Some may remain skeptical, but I think of previous successes and welcome the adaptation gladly.  I felt that Black Christmas was a worthy remake.  Are you enraged that someone could say such a thing?  Just relax, and let me explain.  Though Agnus is the most comical representation of an inbred female possible, the film was enjoyable.  It never failed to supply the gore and attractive coeds.  These are two essential ingredients to any enjoyable slasher flick.  For those unsatisfied with the story, it was a remake!  I don’t watch slasher flicks for the intriguing commentary on life.  I watch it, and accept it for what it is.  For those that proceed to see this film with low expectations intending to enjoy it, I am sure they will.  For those who are looking forward to being let down, I am sure that is exactly what will happen.  It is all about perspective.  Do you see how that works?  Let’s not make it out to be something it isn’t.  Santa Claus is going to murder you.  Where did he get a flame thrower from?  I don’t know.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s awesome!

Silent Night is expected to be released to limited theaters November 30th, and will be out on a Blu Ray/DVD combo December 4th.  Do you plan to check it out?  How else will we find out who’s been naughty, who’s been nice, and who will be impaled?

Source: Fister Roboto

Kronner: I would just like to point out one more key reason to see this movie…

TERRIERS Star Donal Louge is also in it…

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