Bad News for ‘Sherlock’ Fans – Season 3 Delayed

Are you sitting comfortably? Because Inside Tv has just released news on Sherlock: Series 3 that is going to cut right to the very core of you. Fans of the series were hoping that we would see Sherlock and Watson back in action by the summer of 2013, with a shooting schedule starting in January 2013. It seems now that the show will not start filming until March, meaning UK viewers will likely get it late 2013. PBS has said it is probably going to be more like 2014 for fans overseas.

Now I know how everyone is feeling so I am going to verbalize that in print for you to relieve your pain. Just imagine it is being shouted in the best Captain Kirk voice you can. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Feel better? Probably not, but it is all we Sherlock fans can do other than wait. The BBC is not really off the schedule much, as they fore-casted a 2013 series run. But for most fans this will be devastating news. The first series grabbed viewers imaginations with its refreshing look at a modern Sherlock as well as Sherlock and Watson’s chemistry being spot on. Series Two went one better, with James Moriarty playing sick and deadly games with the two; it added another flavor to this well written and acted series. The ending of series 2 has got everyone on edge, so this shift of a few months is going to hit some people hard.

This is probably to do with the super stardom the two leads have received recently. Martin Freeman made it big in The Office (UK version) and then really hit his mark with Sherlock. Now he is wrapping up The Hobbit movie. Benedict Cumberbatch had been turning up in many a UK shows in bit parts, before moving into main stream movies like Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and War Horse and now in Star Trek 2. His performance on stage in Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein (sharing the spot light and roles with ‘American Sherlock’ Johnny Lee Miller) was fantastic too.

sherlock series 3 frankenstein

It is going to be a struggle for fans, but stay strong and the new series will be here before you know it. Why not re-read Watson Blog to get up to speed on the last two series and check out our latest articles on how Star Trek 2 and The Hobbit are getting on. This should help with you getting your Cumerbatch and Freeman fix. Watch this space for more series 3 information.

One thought on “Bad News for ‘Sherlock’ Fans – Season 3 Delayed”

  1. While I hate that it will be so long before we get new Sherlock, as a Doctor Who fan, I hope that means Moffat is hard at work on the 50th anniversary special.


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