Snitch – The Rock and his Newest Trailer

What do Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Susan Sarandon, Shane from The Walking Dead and Omar from The Wire have in common? Until the movie trailer for Snitch was released, very little, you know – other than acting.

Now, however, they’ve come together to bring an “Inspired By True Events” story to life. Snitch is the tale of a father who infiltrates the world of a drug kingpin to free his wrongly accused son from a potential 10 year prison sentence. Johnson’s character makes a deal with the US attorney (Sarandon) to get as much information as he can for a conviction against the real criminals in exchange for his son’s freedom. Badassery clearly ensues as he delves deeper and deeper into the criminal underworld for the sake of his son.

While the film is based on true events, it’s clear that they’re taking some Hollywood liberties to make it more of a blockbuster. Still, with a powerful cast and potentially compelling storyline, Snitch may be one to watch.

What do you think, Bombers? Is Snitch something you’d check out? Sound off in the comments section below.

Oh, also Ruxin’s wife is in there!

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