Game Of Thrones Season 3 Update: Mance Rayder In The House!

It has been, and is going to be – a long wait until Season 3 of Game of Thrones premieres. In that meantime I’m stuck with the terrible debacle between hating having to wait, and loving the speculation, hints, teasers and every other little tidbit of information leaked in between about the third season. It’s what I call Lost syndrome. Back when Lost was on TV, all I ever wanted was to keep watching, to find out what was going to happen next, and hated the agonizing wait in between weeks of the show, and the truly excruciating wait in between seasons. Now that it’s all over with, I find myself missing all of that time spent in between seasons, wildly speculating on what would happen next, forming bizarre, out there theories, or just plain being baffled and wondering what the hell else could happen.

Game Of Thrones is like this in a way, only there’s a bunch of books with the spoilers right there in them, just waiting there, tempting me. I gave in for the third season/book, and now am stuck in a rock and a hard place between wanting the show to be fresh to me, and desperately wanting to continue the story right here, right now. So believe me when I say that little featurettes about the making of the show, tend to be particularly difficult for me to watch, knowing what’s coming up, and simultaneously NOT knowing what’s coming up. I’m envious of those who haven’t read any of the books and just watch the show, and I’m envious of those who have read all the books, and get to enjoy all of the show-watchers’ reactions. For me it’s a little private hell where I have to compromise between my love of over analyzation, and my impatience. For the rest of you who are in either camp that I’m not in, I’m sure this featurette will bring you lots of joy.

Ciarin Hinds: The King Beyond The Wall aka Mance Rayder

One of the more interesting things aside from that featurette, is the casting of a crucial character only spoken about as of yet in the series, that book readers will no doubt know. That would be the role of Mance Rayder, The King Beyond The Wall.

Playing him is the pretty excellent character actor Ciarin Hinds, who you may be more familiar with from his work than his name. He played Caeser in Rome, Dumbledore’s brother in Harry Potter, and his finest work yet was his role as The Devil in Ghost Rider 2. In no way am I knocking him for that, because that movie was awesome, [No it wasn’t] and he was awesome in it [Yes he was].

While I did imagine Mance Rayder a bit younger in the books, it’s certainly a role I can see him be great in.  Now pardon me while I eagerly hate/love waiting for Season 3.

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