Review of E4′s Misfits: Episode 4.07

So here we are again with the lovable rogues that now comprise the Misfits crew. This week Alex and Jess had some hiccups regarding their new relationship, mainly because he has lady parts downstairs. Rudy is so obsessed with the woman he met at the party he can think of nothing else and for the first time has experienced love. After new girl Abbey is found drunk (again) in the probation locker rooms, Finn covers for her. To save him from getting a beating from angry Greg, she pretends to be a new community service worker. While seeing a single mum in the toilets who is having second thoughts about the child inside of her, Abbey finds the mum had a power and has transferred her unborn baby into Abbey, who decides to keep it. However, after a heartfelt plea from the mother, she agrees to give the baby back. Jess tells Rudy about Alex’s condition and as can be expected from Rudy he tells everyone, really ticking off Alex. Rudy sees his mystery woman again and finds out she is a nun. Alex finally finds out the woman who stole his penis and goes after her with a gun. The crew track Alex to a night club where they are ready to help, but get so distracted by Greg who is on stage singing an amazing rendition of The Power of Love, that it is left up to Jess to find Alex. Alex breaks down in front of his penis snatcher and she is so gutted by what she has done she gives him it back. Alex and Jess finally get it on, but it was not really the romantic night she was expecting.

With this new series of Misfits, it seems that the writers are having trouble giving the new members of the group decent introductions. Finn and Jess had an average intro to the group, while Alex was introduced in the bar and has done little since. With Abbey, her main episode introduction here (yes I am aware she was in last week’s episode, but as she was unconscious through most of it I am not counting it) is to carry a blooming baby about and even gave her the very cliched “oh I have amnesia” character trait which reeks of laziness. This really annoyed me because out of all the new cast members, she is the most interesting by far. Her attitude is fantastic and I love the fact she just breezes through each episode, never really shocked about anything and pretty much always has that slightly droopy drunk look on her face! The fact she is now on probation because she pretended to be on probation is a pretty lousy way of getting her to stay in the group but it is not any worse than what has happened to her so far. She tries her best with this stinker of a plot point and I am hoping she has a better role in the future, as I really think she will make a great edition to the team.

misfits 4 ep 7 abbey

Jess and Alex float around this episode like a bad smell. This was meant to be their episode, a powerful hitting episode about love without male parts and the effect that has on a man. It tried to be but it just came off as a filler episode. I still think Alex is dull as dish water as a character and poor Jess just mopes along after him like a love sick puppy. Alex’s speech at the end was his only shining moment in this episode and it is one of the best pieces he has had to perform all series. More scenes like this would be well received. Their love making scene makes Alex seem like a jerk. Who wants to check out their own booty while they are in bed! Jess looked less than impressed too. I am wondering if now he has his dick back he is going to act like a…well…a dick I guess! At least this would make him interesting.

Finn does nothing this episode aside from mope about over how he has no chance with Jess. He is just there as nothing ground breaking happens to him, but he does not come off as annoying either. Rudy’s love angle however is a different story. I am guessing the writers are wanting to expand his character a little more and he does look cute when he is trying to court someone rather than sleeping with them. Next episode focuses more on the history of his love interest and as she has very few scenes here, I will look at the character next week. The problem with the new love angle is it makes Rudy a bit dull. The reason I love him as a character is he is a sex mad simpleton. Rudy 2 is the heart and more thoughtful one and I like how they both interact together. Rudy, however, now acts like a mix of both of them and it does not gel at all. Rudy 2 does finally make an appearance in this episode, but it was so short they might as well not bothered.


With everybody moaning in this episode (and ironically me moaning about them moaning) was there any fun to be had? Not really. The thing is the episode as I mentioned before felt like a filler piece for a bigger episode. But it was also very dull. People aimlessly wandering about moaning or in Abbeys case trying to make a very clichéd story work is not my idea of fun. But at least someone uses their powers in this episode. For some reason this series seems to have had very little power use by the Misfit group. I do not know if this is because their powers are rubbish or just because building the story lines up is more important. It would have added a bit of excitement though. There was one saving grace in this episode however. When they hit the nightclub Greg starts to sing at the karaoke bar and man, he is a great singer. Much like the Misfit crew who stood there transfixed by this amazing mans vocals, I looked on in delight as well. It was mainly used as a joke on his gruff character, who is obviously not as gruff as we think. The joke fell completely flat, but his singing will ring in my ears for years to come. For some reason the last ten minutes of the episode really picks up (Greg’s singing is a big part of this), with great acting and very funny scenes. It is a shame they made us wait so long for it. Really below average story telling which without Greg’s singing would have sent me off to snooze land.

grizzly rating 2of5

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