Boardwalk Empire Visual Effects – A Sight to Behold

With two Emmys under their belt, it is no surprise to discover that the team over at Brainstorm Digital is very good at their jobs. They provide the visual effects for various projects around Hollywood, including the show they won their Emmys for, Boardwalk Empire.

When it comes to things like visual effects, the audience often doesn’t realize how much work goes into it, usually because those people have done their jobs so well that we forget all about them. Thankfully, Brainstorm Digital has released a few videos over the last couple of years highlighting just a fraction of the work they do in their various movies and TV shows. It is fascinating to watch because as much as I know that Jack Huston really isn’t missing half his face, I believe wholeheartedly that Richard Harrow is.

Impressive, right? The attention to detail, especially on the wide city shots, is sort of mind-boggling to a person like myself who considers simple Photoshop actions to be the work of voodoo trickery. Gone are the days where it was incredibly easy to tell that the actors weren’t really driving cars, I’d never have guessed that the shot out the window (with the men standing by the train tracks) was all green screen work. Stunning.

If that wasn’t enough, check out their reel from The History Channel’s The Men Who Built America.

I could watch the clip of the water rushing down the street corner all day long, completely mesmerizing.

When they Emmy nominations are announced this summer, it’s not hard to imagine that the crew over at Brainstorm Digital will be included. If you want to check out more of their work, hop on over to their Vimeo page here.

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