Webcomic Wednesday: Boozehounds

Welcome to Webcomic Wednesday, in which we feature comics available for free on the innerwebs, just in time for the geek sabbath (a.k.a. New Comics Day).

What you need to know:


Slightly NSFW (frequent mild vulgarity)

Main page.

First Strip.

Publishing schedule:??? (But he’s managed more than 100 in barely more than a year).

General Category: Comics and pop culture-centric humor that’s a bit under the influence (see what I did there?)

I doubt there is a webcomic with a subject closer to my heart  than Boozehounds (aside, perhaps, from those featuring girls in school uniforms — more on that in two weeks).

The schedule seems to have taken a turn for the sporadic, which is just fine–there are more than 100 of them in the can, so if you’re new to Boozehounds, there’s plenty to chew on.

In a nutshell: it’s usually a single-panel comic of a scene at a bar, usually just two or three people drinking. There are frequent guest writers and artists, many of which are high quality, but its the consistent art from creator regular artist/writer Bobgar Ornelas (main site) that keeps me coming back. Some strips aren’t for a general readership and seem to be referencing inside jokes — but the preponderance of them are accessible and full of good television or comics-centric gag-based humor, usually referencing America’s favorite pass time (drinking, not baseball). Some of them are outright wonderful. It’s worth it to read them all if only to find the occasional gem like this (slightly NSFW), or the below homage to a classic Legion of Super Heroes issue:


From what I understand, Ornelas also has many other projects he’s associated with, such as contributing to several Kickstarter anthologies, sometimes co-hosting a podcast, and publishing his own mini comics under the umbrella of King Bone Press. And he’s available for commissions as well. Enterprising young man. Good strip.

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