Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand: New Trailer and Interviews

Back in August we talked about Arnold’s big 2013 comeback, starting with The Last Stand – out this Friday. It’s been since 2003 since Arnold’s last lead role in the epically disappointing Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Now while I imagine this new one will be more T3 than T2, I still plan to visit the theater this weekend. It is Schwarzenegger after all. The basic idea is that Sheriff Arnold is too old and the FBI is too slow, and the bad guys are super fast and good. Here is the 2nd trailer for it…

Got the just of it? Not confused or anything? Ok then. We have also got some on set interviews, and the theme between these all seem pretty similar – Arnold is excited to be blowing shit up again.


JAMIE ALEXANDER (Lady Sif in Thor)


and finally, my favorite Greendale alum and yours – LUIS GUZMAN!

So, that’ what we got so far. What do you think? Yah or Nay? Just happy to have Arnie back or is it too late for more Schwarzenegger magic?

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