Webcomic Wednesday: Courting Disaster

Welcome to Webcomic Wednesday, in which we feature comics available for free on the innerwebs, just in time for the Geek Sabbath (a.k.a. New Comics Day).

The timing of this suggestion has a bit of unfortunate serendipity, considering  that it’s a comic linked to an advice column, and one of the giants of advice, Dear Abby, passed away just the other day.

What you need to know:

Courting Disaster

Main Page.

First Strip.

Publishing Schedule: Fridays.


Brad Guigar creates a lot of cool comics, but only this one starts with a “C” (though I’ll mention that four-color comics fans should love his Evil, Inc. as well). Courting Disaster‘s tagline is “The Weekly Sex Comic and Sex-Advice Web Site”; the gimmick of sorts is that Guigar posts a reader’s question and the audience gets to respond; meanwhile, there will be a gag comic panel following the theme of that question for everyone to enjoy. Whether you read the “advice question” or not, the comics are generally titillating and usually very funny, sometimes verging into “hilarious.” The art is well suited to the medium; Guigar’s cartooning is clear and cute and as sexy as the occasion (or joke) calls for.


A few of my personal faves: here; here; here; here; and the hilarious yet very safe for work option here.

Now, this has been around since 2005, so there’s more backlog than you can shake a stick at.  There’s not a narrative here, so you can safely pop over to any comic for a quick laugh. If you like what you see, you can purchase printed collections here; great for yourself or a gift (probably best for an adult).


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