Femme Fatales: Season 1 – Now Available on DVD!

Yesterday marked the release of one of our favorite shows on DVD – Femme Fatales. The 3-disc set includes all 13 of the season 1 episodes, as well as plenty of behind the scenes and bonus material. You can order the set on Amazon.

Now it’s been a while since the first season aired, so if you need a refresher, here is what it included…

1.01 – Behind Locked Doors

Lacey Rivers learns her celebrity won’t make life behind bars as easy as she thought.

1.02 – Bad Medicine

Nurse Violet MacReady is dating the wrong doctor – and working the wrong shift as a gang war moves into the hospital.

Femme Fatales

1.03 – Something Like Murder

Classic noir storytelling as a bored housewife conspires to murder her rich husband and take his money.

1.04 – Speed Date

The most comedy driven episode, we see the ills of lying about yourself on dating sites.

Femme Fatales

1.05 – The White Flower

A bank robbery gone wrong and a death foretold decades earlier. We are also introduced Mr. Ryan as one of the shows more prominent villains.

1.06 – Girls Gone Dead

Oh sorority girls. This one shows us the perils of exploiting drunk college chicks…who happen to be geniuses. Also the first appearance of recurring characters Alexis and Tiffany.

Femme Fatales

1.07 – Haunted

The supernatural episode, this was one of my favorite ones. Haunted Houses and charlatans abound.

1.08 – Angel & Demons

A serial killer known as the ‘Grim Reaper’  is loose in Cuesta Verde and Mr. Ryan wants him caught before anyone else is hurt.

Femme Fatales

1.09 – Help Me, Rhonda

Another tie-in to an earlier episode, this is when things really start to come together as we’re taken back to the events leading up to Behind Locked Doors.

1.10 – The Clinic

For horror fans, the best casting of the season had to be Angus Scrimm (Phantasm) appearing in The Clinic, creepy as ever.

1.11 – Till Death Do Us Part

Bachelorette parties are awesome…unless you’re a tea bag robot. Chicks are crazy.

Femme Fatales

1.12 – Visions: Part 1

The first half of the season finale shows us the Amazing Mysterium and how poorly he treats his assistant. His crowd also features several cameos from earlier in the season.

1.13 – Visions: Part 2

In the finale the girls get together to show our befuddled Magician why you shouldn’t mess with the fatales. Now let’s hear some tunage!

Femme Fatales
“You got any tunage? I like everything but country and showtunes.” A girl after my own heart.

So that’s season 1. Check it out on Amazon.

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