At Long Last! The Season 3 Trailer For ‘Game of Thrones’ is Here!

This is it, the last month before Season 3 of Game Of Thrones premieres, and with it hopefully there an end to the updates, previews, snapshots, preview pics, and other ultimately meaningless little teasers. We’re now hitting the home stretch and that is officially marked by the long-awaited full trailer to Season 3. A trailer I had been waiting for not only because holy crap am I tired of looking at or writing about set pics, but because it gives us (me) a glimpse at how they’ve further adapted the books. Show only fans of course, will get a glorious preview of the King Beyond The Wall, and most obviously, GODDAMNED DRAGONS! Book fans will see other little things they’re familiar with, and revel in the endless amount of terrible, awful things they’ll be waiting to watch their Show Only fans to see in due time. Or if you’re like me, you’ll tease them with fake spoilers about the show and watch as their jaws drop in disbelief/hatred. It’s hilarious!

Well, aside from being incredibly short, the trailer does show a few things I recognize from the books, and as the series has progressed away from the books, a few things I don’t recognize at all. Though I suppose that could be my fading memory. The bummer about this is it’s being interpreted as the “first” trailer for Season 3, so this means there will be more soon coming. Of course there will be, why shouldn’t there? It’ll keep going on and on until the show starts, and then it’ll be replaced by speculation endlessly about what the show will be doing to adapt, or change its source material, until the season ends. Then it’ll be replaced by more teasers and updates endlessly for the next season ON AND ON OH GOD MAKE IT STOP I JUST WANT TO WATCH IT ALL RIGHT NOW.

Is it bad thing if a one minute trailer for a TV show drives you to the brink of madness? Probably right? Probably.

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