Could Pushing Daisies follow in Veronica Mars’ Kickstarter steps?

The moment Rob Thomas announced the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter, everyone with half a brain knew that it was going to meet its goal. I don’t know that there were many out there that would predict how quickly it would do so. As a matter of fact, the project, which was already the largest in the film category, was the fastest to reach two million dollars across all categories. So yay Veronica Mars movie!!!

Not surprisingly, their success has piqued the interest of many other entertainment types involved in fan/cult favorite shows that were killed off before their time. Shawn Ryan took to twitter to say that he was keeping an eye on the Veronica Mars Kickstarter.


You best believe that Terriers fans, the world over (and here), saw that and immediately started a new savings account just waiting for the word. While Ryan is theoretically contemplating the idea, it appears as if Bryan Fuller, creator of Pushing Daisies is looking to make it a reality. In an interview with HitFix, Rob Thomas said that Bryan Fuller emailed him, wanting to know “how this thing works.” A world in which the Piemaker may live another day? Yes, please! Of course it isn’t quite as easy for a show like Pushing Daisies to pull something like this together, which Fuller has admitted, given the production value and money required to get that “look” that Pushing Daisies had, but if the Veronica Mars movie showed us anything, fans will come through.


So what does that mean for other canceled shows? Well, not much. I take that back, it can either mean a lot, or it can mean not much. How’s that for a good answer?  The problem is that unless the show has a fan base that is dedicated despite the length of time the show’s been off the air, there isn’t much hope of a Kickstarter being as successful as Veronica Mars. Could Pushing Daisies get that $10 Million it probably needs? I say yes, it more than likely would. Can the same be said for something like a My So-Called Life movie? Probably not. Even though the fan base of the Claire Danes show is loyal, it’s been a long time since those moody teens went off the air. That and those of us who watched and anticipated each new episode, well we are older now and do we really want to see a movie updating us on how Angela went off to college as some liberal arts major only to end up getting a degree in finance and is now a stay at home mom with three kids attending PTA meetings all while wistfully looking back on her teenage years with longing to once again be that self-indulgent and introspective?

I’m going on record as saying no, we don’t want that. As great as it would be, some things should just be left alone.

Kickstarter Firefly
Source: FireflyFans

Of course, that being said, there are some shows that truly do need a second life in film. You’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t think that the Serenity needs to fly again in another Firefly movie. However, sadly, it appears as if Joss Whedon is shooting down those discussions before they get out of hand. Citing work commitments, Whedon told Buzzfeed that there is no way he could even entertain the idea for at least three years. :sad trombone:

While there’s been some great shows mentioned in recent days, there’s been one that I’m stunned no one is clamoring for. Come on fans of The Greatest American Hero! We want a movie so let’s get together and make it happen!

Just kidding, that would probably be awful. Like My So-Called Life, this classic is probably best left alone.