Webcomic Wednesday A-Z: Hicksville’s Monster Manual Week!

Welcome to Webcomic Wednesday, in which we embark on an epic quest for comics available in the mystical land of “online,” just in time for the Geek Sabbath (a.k.a. New Comics Day).

Hicksville.com is always host to whatever New Zealand-based creator Dylan Horrocks is up to — his books include Hicksville, and the site also hosts several online comics (American Dream, for one). It’s always a fine time to see what’s on Horrocks’ mind or drafting table.


However, last week he started posting his takes on classic Dungeons & Dragons monsters and, whoa boy, our dork side is just going nuts. (And we promise, after Goblins last time and D&D art this week, that next time we’ll diversify into something less related to dodecahedrons). So, while you can certainly get your fill of quality original webcomics at Hicksville, we recommend you peruse these entries in Horrocks’ “1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual sketches” now now now.


Entries thus far include Gelatinous Cube, Stirge, Owlbear (pick of the litter, in our opinion), and the Beholder. If our preview images above intrigue you, you gotta click through to the real thing . . .

A – The Abominable Charles Christopher
B – Boozehounds
C – Courting Disaster
D – Dangerously Chloe

E  EmiTown
F  Friends with Boys
G  Goblins

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