The Wolverine: 2 New Trailers – The American One, and the Good One.

So – Wolverine. One of the greatest comic book characters of all time, and a main stay on the X-Men for over 30 years is finally (hopefully) getting the film treatment that he deserves…or at the very least something to make us forget about the steaming pile of crap that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The other day we showed you some posters and production stills for Hugh Jackman‘s The Wolverine movie, but now we’ve actually got a couple of trailers as well.

The first one is the American trailer, which is pretty straight forward action and actually looks (unfortunately) a lot like the last Wolverine movie.

Next up, the international one, which is, as usual, better. This one gives a little more story and depth, and makes me more interested in the movie than I was a few minutes before I watched it…

Something about that second trailer just makes the movie seem a little smarter.

So, after watching both of these, what have we learned? Well, we know that Jean Grey will make an appearance, we know that Logan is heading back to Japan, and we know that in a Superman II-type move (the best Super-Movie), he will lose his powers when he needs them most. This all sounds well and good, I just hope this doesn’t end up as disappointing as the first one was…

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