The Walking Dead: Season 3 Finale – “Welcome to the Tombs”

In the beginning of this, the mother of all finales, the Governor is beating the living hell out of Milton. They go into the room where Andrea is being kept and when the Governor tells Milton he isn’t leaving the room until he kills Andrea, he tries to kill the Governor. Obviously, because the Governor is a pro at evading death, he immediately turns the knife over onto Milton and explains that now he is going to die, and he is going to turn, and then he will tear the flesh from Andrea’s bones. Either he kills her or he dies, or he dies and then kills her.

Walking Dead

Back at the prison everyone is seemingly packing up to go. When the Woodbury crew invades the prison, they notice that no one is immediately around. Tyreese and Sasha stayed back at the town to protect the children and citizens. When they began going deeper into the prison, the emergency alarm is set off and there are flash bombs everywhere, forcing them outside. Once outside, Glenn and Maggie, in full body armor, start shooting out the Governor’s men.

Walking Dead  Walking Dead

Walking Dead  Walking Dead

They immediately retreat, but leave behind the kid with asthma, who should not have been on their defense crew in the first place. The kid stumbles across Carl and Hershel hiding out in the woods, and while the kid is handing over his weapon, Carl shoots him in the head. Hershel brings this concern up to Rick.

Walking Dead  Walking Dead

Once on the road, the Governor makes his crew pull over. Some of his people try to explain that they believe they aren’t soldiers, and that they walked into a slaughter. The Governor turns on his own people and opens fire, sparing only his two most trusted men, and unknowingly, one of the women.

Walking Dead

Back at Woodbury, Milton passed and started to turn. The door is closed, and last we see in this scene, Milton as a walker starts going toward Andrea, who is armed with only a wrench, and is still tied up.

Rick, Michonne and Daryl go after the Governor, but stumble across the pile of dead/undead Woodbury men he left behind. The one woman who was then locked in a car, got out and lead the group to Woodbury. Rick explained to Tyreese and Sasha, who were guarding the wall, that they initially went there to end everything, but then came across what the Governor did to his own people. They then began looking for Andrea, and find her in the corner of a room with Milton dead. Andrea then reveals her shoulder, which was torn apart by Milton. She asks to be the one to shoot herself while she still can.

Walking Dead

Rick, Michonne and Daryl head back to the prison. When they arrive, they being a little surprise. They bring a bus full of Woodbury citizens with them to come stay at the prison.

For the last 12 minutes of this finale, I had tears either in my eyes, or running down my face. I would like to think that I have become more desensitized to the thought of characters on this show dying off, but it just isn’t true. Andrea has been with us since the very beginning. She has been through a lot since the beginning; having to put her sister down, going on runs, helping protect the group, being stuck in a group of two on the run all winter, and then acting folly under the Governor’s spell. I complained a lot about Andrea this season, mostly because of how she seemed dizzy with unmerited optimism, and blinded by the charms of a man who she knew was shady. She was a strong character in this show for so long. I am really going to miss Andrea.

This was a very strong season for The Walking Dead. We have lost some great characters, but we have also gained some. We lost Lori, but we gained Judith. We lost Andrea, but we got some Woodbury citizens. We lost Merle, but to be fair we had just gotten him back this season. We lost T-Dog, but we gained Tyreese and Sasha. Overall, season 3 has been extremely emotional, very frustrating, shocking, devastating and perfect. I have to say that this has been my favorite season so far. I award the finale a 4.5/5

grizzly rating 4-5of5

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