Webcomic Wednesday A-Z: I Taste Sound

Welcome to Webcomic Wednesday; while all you people with “jobs” scurry off to enjoy the Geek Sabbath (a.k.a. New Comics Day), we weary Web warriors must make due with the free, online version. But that’s okay; today’s entry is better than 98% of the crap available on the spinner racks.

I Taste Sound is a damned funny (and largely NSFW) collection of comics from Mike Riley.

I Taste Sound

As he told Examiner.com in an interview in January 2012: “I’ve drawn all my life, cartoons in particular and then onto painting in college… but long story short, the real impetuous for launching itastesound.com was that I had a bunch of strange plays-on-words in my sketchbooks that I envisioned as titles for paintings, but I didn’t have time to paint. The cartoons seemed like a way to boil down ideas and share them quick. It turned out to be an interesting challenge and kind of snowballed from there.” (Whole interview is here, but careful; the content farm Examiner.com bombards you with adverts/pop-ups, which is infuriating and strangely makes us jealous.)

I Taste Sound

It’s on hiatus as of the end of 2012, but there’s plenty of material (~400 posts) there that we highly recommend. There’s just something about the lo-fi style art and mixture of clever and blunt humor and odd logic that makes us laugh, wows us, and genuinely evokes the feeling of being at an indie comics show (a la the Alternative Press Expo or something) more than anything else we’ve found on the web.

I Taste Sound

Go to Riley’s site. Read I Hate Sound. Buy his stuff here, when you’ve got a little scratch to spare. And click here to see his pending project.

A – The Abominable Charles Christopher
B – Boozehounds
C – Courting Disaster
D – Dangerously Chloe

E  EmiTown
F  Friends with Boys
G  Goblins
H  Hicksville

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