Superman is 75, Let’s Celebrate With Some New “Man of Steel” Trailers

Apr 18, 2013 marked the 75th Anniversary of our introduction to one of the most iconic fictional characters of all time. Three quarters of a century later and Superman is still relevant and preparing to release a new movie. From the looks of things, this should be the first good Superman movie since 1980 when Christopher Reeve stared in Superman II.

So now Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) hopes to make to break the trend set by the last 3 movies starring the big Blue Boy Scout and make something that doesn’t suck. DC desperatly needs this movie to be a success. With the exception of Batman, none of their mainstream characters have really been able to win over the box office in the last 30 years, and they want to launch a whole Justice League series like Marvel has done with the Avengers. We showed you a bunch of pictures last week, now we’ve got a bunch of videos.

First up, the TV Spot:

Zod’s Message: Michael Shannon is awesome. That is all.

and finally the newest official trailer:

The trailer has been called epic, and I can’t say I disagree with that. This looks to be one of the few bright spots in a summer lineup that is, to say the least, unimpressive relative to recent years. Now most of those years and blockbusters ended up disappointments, but still, less hype this year. Here’s hoping that Big Blue (and Captain Kirk) can make this summer memorable and keep alive the hopes of a JL film to follow…

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