Jack Bauer is Back! Well, Maybe…

Kiefer Sutherland is in talk to reprise his role as the biggest hardass on television. That’s right kids, 24 might be getting a 9th season after attempts to convert the character into a star of the big screen have faltered, producers obviously figure it’s better to take Jack back to TV than let the character rot.

Hobbits on 24

According to Deadline, producer Howard Gordon is trying to get the band back together over at Fox for a 13-episode ‘limited series’ 9th season. I’ve seen words like reboot thrown around, and no word as of yet if Chloe would be involved, but I’m ready for some more Bauer.

This is a pretty clear sign though that the networks are clearly getting desperate.

All the best shows are on cable and Fox is trying to dip back into the well to pull out a proven asset. Here’s hoping that if season 9 happens, the time off has been kind to the writers. As soon as there is more news, we’ll let you know.

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