True Blood – #WaitingSucks but a new trailer doesn’t!

I’ve mentioned it before, (here in the S.H.I.E.L.D. trailer write-up) but I love when shows embrace social media, especially when they come up with a clever hashtag with which to brand themselves. There are few better than the HBO vampire show, True Blood, with their #WaitingSucks campaign. In addition to having something that is easy for people to spread around twitter, they put out YouTube videos as well.

Just a few behind the scenes look at filming for season 6, that’s all. Of course with everything that happened in season 5, people are looking for any little clue as to what season 6 holds. To refresh your memory, how about a brief overview of True Blood last season?

So yea. Bill is now Lillith, Alcide is pack leader, Jason still is seeing “Mom and Dad” who aren’t really there, and who is Warlow? Will Jason finally clear his head this season and there’s been a lot of rumor floating around about someone dying… especially with episode 7 titled “The Funeral”. Could it be Eric? There’s plenty of people speculating that it is, especially after the key art was released.

True Blood

I don’t think that looks like anyone specifically but there is a large contingent of people out there who are convinced that it’s Alexander Skarsgard’s character Eric Northman. Of course no one over at HBO is going to let that secret out so we’ll just have to wait and see.

How about some teasers though? Ask and you shall receive.

Our first glimpses of genre legend Rutger Hauer! Looks pretty good right? Of course it does, it’s True Blood! Even when they have an “off” season (some will argue that they’ve never had an off season, even if we all know season 4 sucked) it’s still pretty entertaining. One thing that I hope they continue is the whole vlog aspect they had with Jessica this past season. I just can’t help myself, I love it when shows do things like this.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that Deborah Ann Woll is easy on the eyes either.

True Blood

So there you go- teasers, trailers, recaps of season 5… I daresay we are ready. Are you looking forward to True Blood season 6? Have any theories as to who is going to die? Who will live? Let us know in the comments!

True Blood season 6 premieres on HBO on June 16th at 9 EST.

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