Webcomic Wednesday A-Z: The K Chronicles

Hey Kids! It’s Another Webcomic Wednesday! While comic fans with so-called “incomes” can enjoy printed funnybooks, the budget-conscious must turn to the World Wide Web to enjoy the free, online versions. The surprise is that stuff on el web is just as good or better than the pulp-mill-produced publications. And you Lucky Duckies can feel free to enjoy web comics too!

We’re on Letter K, and while there aren’t many web comics starting with k, two of the best happen to be by the same dude: Mr. Keith Knight (sometimes known as KEEF), the very funny and talented cartoonist behind The K Chronicles and The Knight Life — along with (Th)ink; but we’re going to concentrate on our letter of the day here. These are comic strips that could grace any newspaper in America (and, in fact, are published traditionally as well in such).

Now, The K Chronicles, which are full-pagers, has been publishing for 20 years, and Knight has put a lot of his backlog at the site, which is very cool. Knight Life, a more traditional three-panel strip, is about five years old. Both represent Knight’s brand of slice-of-life hilarity, often poking at racial issues and, in recent years, life as a parent. Good, smart social commentary paired with laffs — how can you lose?

The K Chronicles, The Knight Life
From The Knight Life

What you need to know:

The K Chronicles and
The Knight Life
First K Chronicles
First Knight Life

UPDATES: K Chronicles: Weekly; Knight Life: DAILY!!! Woot! Put that in your RSS reader and smoke it!

All joking about being income-less aside, while these Web comics can be enjoyed for free, Knight has a large catalog of collections that are perfect for gifts or personal reading. In a world where comic strips have shrunk, both in size and amount printed in your local papers, and frankly most are overbroad and less than enjoyable, we submit that Knight’s strips represent the finest available strip gag cartooning today, period.

The K Chronicles
From The K Chronicles

A – The Abominable Charles Christopher
B – Boozehounds
C – Courting Disaster
D – Dangerously Chloe

E  EmiTown
F  Friends with Boys
G  Goblins
H  Hicksville
I  I Taste Sound
J  Jackdaw

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