8 Characters Benicio del Toro Could Play in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Marvel Studios upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy keeps on casting some big names that keeps us talking and speculating. Last time we discussed James Gunn’s GotG we learned that Glenn Close would be playing a leading member of the Nova Corps along with a rumor that John C. Reilly was up for a role as well. Today we have another piece of news that set some tongues wagging.

Benicio del Toro has been cast in an unspecified leading role that will possibly have future roles in upcoming Marvel films as well. This was announced after Doctor Who‘s Karen Gillan was confirmed as playing a leading villain role, which is also unspecified. Karen Gillan’s role is still too mysterious to start guessing with the minimal details we have, but we know a bit more about Benicio’s role. Deadline has the initial announcement:

[box_light]Benicio Del Toro has joined the killer cast of the James Gunn-directed Marvel Studios franchise launcher Guardians Of The Galaxy.They are keeping his role under wraps, but he’s playing a character that is built to be part of future Marvel films, which means he has signed a deal with options that put him into multiple movies.[/box_light]

So what are we waiting for? Let’s start speculating! We’ll look at the least likely to the most likely:

The Beyonder

Could Benicio del Toro Play the Beyonder in Guardians of the Galaxy

Fans can dream, can’t we? While the Beyonder’s appearance in the MCU seems highlyunlikely, it would seriously rock the comic world and open the doors for possibly the most expensive movie ever made. In the Secret Wars storyline, the Beyonder brings together the best heroes of the Marvel universe and pits them against the worst villains the world has to offer. del Toro would deliver a fantastic performance as the omnipotent Beyonder, but the odds we would ever see this event on the big screen are pretty low.

Odds – 1000:1

The Collector 

Could Benicio del Toro Play The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy

The Collector has been rumored since Ophelia Lovibond was cast as the Collector’s ‘assistant’. The Collector’s involvement in the film is still an unknown factor, but Benicio del Toro could certainly look the part. As an Elder God of the Universe, the Collector is heavily involved with Thanos so that could be his recurring role as they build Thanos up, but the Collector doesn’t have that big of a presence to carry over into other films.

Odds – 100:1

Uatu The Watcher

Could Benicio del Toro Play the Watcher in Guardians of the Galaxy

While it’s still unclear whether or not the Watcher will first appear in a Marvel Studios film or a Sony produced Fantastic Four film, his presence is a given at some point (some are even convinced that Stan Lee is playing the role of Uatu… but we won’t talk about that here). With all the cosmic happenings and ominous buildup that Marvel Studios is preparing, the Watcher’s role in recurring films is more than likely going to happen. While it may not offer the best vocal performance of del Toro’s career, it would be worth it to see the Watcher’s domineering noggin on the big screen.

Odds – 80:1

Rocket Raccoon

Could Benicio del Toro Play Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy

Out of the confirmed members of the team we still have two key members left to cast, Groot and Rocket Raccoon. Out of those two we would much rather see del Toro play Rocket Raccoon. Obviously the voice work would be the main part of his performance, which only further sells us on this role. His recurring role could also come further down the line as Marvel continues to develop the cosmic side of things, perhaps in a future Nova film or even a GotG sequel.

Odds – 60:1


Could Benicio del Toro Play Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy

Most of the speculation seems to fall on the already teased baddie, Thanos. The role was played by Damion Poitier in his brief appearance in The Avengers, but with no word on whether or not he will be reprising the role fans are starting to cast the iconic villain. With his involvement in an Avengers sequel and GotG rumored, fans are waiting patiently to see his role  develop in the MCU. Chances are his appearance (if any) in GotG will be minimal, considering the other villainous roles already rumored and Thanos’ destiny as an Avengers villain.

Odds – 50:1

Ronan the Accuser

Could Benicio del Toro Play Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy

Ronan has already been rumored as a possible villain for the film, and Benicio could certainly portray the character. Ronan’s role could also be one that appears in other Marvel movies, as he is a huge part of the Kree empire, which is sure to make an appearance in the MCU at some point. We still don’t have confirmation that Ronan is in GotG, so this one is still up in the air, but the Kree are definitely expected to show up on the big screen, if only to introduce some other in demand characters whose origins are tied to the Kree.

Odds – 25:1

Michael Korvac

Could Benicio del Toro Play Michael Korvac in Guardians of the Galaxy

One of the strongest cosmic forces the Avengers have ever had to face, Michael Korvac has become a huge part of Avengers history, and his presence in GotG has already been predictedThis is due to the rumor that Ophelia Lovibond might be playing the daughter of the Collector, Carina, who is Korvac’s love interest. The Korvac Saga is also well known for bringing the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy together to fight Korvac, although the GotG at the time were a different version than the movie team. Korvac coul be introduced in GotG and eventually become a mojor villain for the MCU to face, but that might be reaching a little bit.

Odds – 10:1

Adam Warlock

Could Benicio del Toro Play Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy

This is the most likely character for del Toro to take on, as Adam Warlock plays an enormous part in the cosmic dealings of the Marvel Universe. If Thanos is involvede, chances are Warlock will be there to oppose him. He is also a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics, and onetime leader of the Infinity Watch, which looks over the Inifinity Gauntlet that has already apeared in the MCU. Warlock has a seriously evil side to him known as the Magus that could easily be exploited in further films. His place in the cosmic MCU is pretty much guaranteed, and del Toro just might be the perfect fit for the character.

Odds – 5:1

Those are our picks for Benicio del Toro’s future in the MCU. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments section below!

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