Luther Season 3 Updates – Trailer Proves Things Won’t Get Easier…

Some of the best television shows of the last decade have originated in the UK and are slowly starting to find their way to the US. One of these such shows is Luther starring Idris Elba. The story of Detective Chief Inspector John Luther is a dark and violent one. His obsession with his job has cost him his wife, but gained him a serial killer friend and a porn star protégé. Always under the watchful eye of his fellow law enforcement officials, and repeatedly suspected of being dirty, John Luther is one of the most interesting characters on television. He takes all those old stereotypes about cop shows and somehow makes them fresh again.

It’s been 2 years since the second season aired and the anticipation for this upcoming 4-hour mini-season is at a boil. Much like with fellow BBC hit Sherlock, the fans are ready for new material after the extended layoff. This is the third season’s plot description from BBC:

[box_dark]John Luther, the near-genius detective struggling to cope with his own demons, is back under intense pressure – with two conflicting crimes to investigate and a ruthless ex-cop determined to bring him down. Luther’s life is his job, that is until love crosses his path and offers him a chance of happiness. Sienna Guillory (“Resident Evil,” “Love Actually”) joins the cast as Mary, a woman who works in a vintage clothing shop and meets Luther in a chance encounter. But is Mary ready to accept Luther’s past? And can Luther leave it behind?[/box_dark]

So, Sienna Guillory is joining the cast as Mary Day, Luther’s love interest. That means she’ll likely get killed or betray him; You know, cause he’s such a lucky guy. For us though, that’s good news…

Sienna Guillory - luther

But the best news is of course that everyone’s favorite psychopath – my girl Alice (Ruth Wilson) will be returning as well!!!

Luther-Season 3

luther - alice

Now, have a look at the trailer…

So first impression from the trailer is that this season will be just as dark and horrible for John as the first 2 were, which is great news for the audience! The writing and acting on this show are top notch, and though it’d be nice if it were longer than 4 episodes, 4 is better than nothing. Aside from the broad overview of things going badly for John (besides Sienna Guillory anyway), the thing that really stuck out was the addition of David O’Hara (The Departed) who is excellent in everything. The trailer is really made by his chilling delivery of the following line:

He doesn’t know it yet, but his good fortune ran out the day that I heard his name.

You know, cause Luther has been so lucky up to this point. I can’t wait to see those 2 face off with one another.


Luther Season 3 will be coming to the UK airwaves on BBC One sometime this summer, and will jump across the pond to BBC America in September. The 4 episodes will air from the 3rd-6th in their entirety.

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