‘Curse of Chucky’ Picture Stills Come Online… Chucky is Back!

Recently Grizzly Bomb covered the news that a new film in Child’s Play franchise was soon to be released. Titled Curse of Chucky it follows in the footsteps of Texas Chainsaw and takes the series back to its roots while still keeping in the spirit of the original. This new storyline has Nicola (in some meta style casting is played by Fiona Dourif, daughter of Chucky’s voice Brad) grieving over the suicide of her mother and to make matters worse she gets a Good Guy doll mailed to here. You can guess what type of problems ensues after this.


FearNet now has some much better pictures of the new design of Chucky. Well I say new it is actually a return of sorts to the original and for me scarier Good Guy doll design. Below are the new stills.

Curse Of Chucky

Curse Of Chucky

No scenes yet of Chucky really losing it but I am guessing the return to form will make the dolls face changes that much more scary. This is probably a good thing to go back to the original design. After a few films now staring the messed up Chucky look and its extended family it’s a welcome change to see him on his own again and adds a distance from the previous films so it can start a fresh with a new audience and yet not annoy the loyal fans too much. Finally just for a comparison below is the many faces of Chucky, so you can see the evolution of the character which has brought us to Curse. Childs Play films have always been entertaining so it will be interesting to see if this film keeps up that fine tradition.

Keep checking with Grizzly Bomb to get the latest updates.

curse of chucky chucky 3

curse of chucky chucky 4

curse of chucky chucky 1

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