‘New Girl’ heads to Netflix

It is hard to believe that not even two years ago, Netflix looked like it was heading towards a certain death. The Qwikster debacle and subsequent hemorrhage of subscribers was predicted to be the end of Netflix, and yet here they are today with multiple successful original series, a deal to revive the cult classic Arrested Development, a widely expanded library through various partnerships with big studios – including Disney – and now a deal to bring Fox’s New Girl to the streaming service.

New Girl

Starting today, you can now watch season one of New Girl on Netflix. While on the surface this may not seem like groundbreaking news, in a way it is for Netflix. New Girl might not be a CBS darling (ugh) but it was one of the top new comedies of 2012. This move by Twentieth Century Fox and Netflix means that no longer will that first season be found on Hulu or other online venues which will surely pay off for Netflix in the end. Want to catch up but don’t want to pay for each individual episode? Netflix membership it is!

The second season of New Girl will arrive on Netflix in the fall after the premiere of season 3.

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