Arrow: Season 2 – Marc Guggenheim Talks Possible Villains

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim sat down with ComicBookResources to talk about Arrow season two. It’s a very interesting interview in terms of what they envision as the “trajectory” of Oliver, plus hints about who we might see from the DC universe in this upcoming season.


Of course the first thing that jumped out at me was Kord Industries. When Moira Queen mentioned Kord, very much in passing, in The Undertaking, it was easy to convince myself that Blue Beetle wasn’t going to appear because it was so nonchalant. Now that they are talking about Ted Kord openly? I can barely contain my excitement at the possibility. Because if Blue Beetle can come to Starling City….

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

What’s stopping my man Booster Gold from showing up? Nothing. Even better – what if they use a Ted Kord storyline on Arrow to introduce the once-rumored Booster Gold TV series? Excuse me as I faint from excitement.

Guggenheim was obviously unwilling to tell us who specifically we’d see in this upcoming season but said that the “big baddie” would be someone that people familiar with DC Comics would know. So let’s look at some options here.

Cheshire Arrow Season 2

I’d be very surprised if they don’t go the Arsenal route with Roy Harper. Especially with Thea being called Speedy and it just seems like the right fit for the show. If they do have Colton Haynes become Arsenal then it just makes sense that Cheshire show up as well. What that would do with the whole Thea/Roy love interest thing I don’t know but I’d be interested in seeing how they worked it.

Brick Arrow Season Two

Because of the whole ‘no superpowers/metahuman’ thing Arrow’s got going, I can’t imagine how they would pull off a villain like Danny Brickwell, aka Brick. However, he is a Star City original which would be nice after a first season filled with pretty much all Batman villains.

Black Spider Arrow Season Two

I really can’t imagine that Black Spider would easily make the jump from Gotham to Starling City, especially given Count Vertigo already doing the drug thing and Huntress was the “anti-hero” but… I’d love to see it anyway. Eric Needham has a long and involved story that the Arrow writers could draw from, including his time with the Suicide Squad in the New 52.

Murmur Arrow Season Two

There was no lack of Central City mentions in the first season of Arrow. So why not take it even a bit further and have a Flash villain come on the show? Murmur could be just what the doctor ordered, if that doctor cut out his own tongue and sewed his own mouth shut. A villain that has a tendency to confess to crimes when not even asked about them? Detective Lance would surely be okay with this.

Onomatopoeia Arrow Season Two

I have little doubt that people are tired of listening to mention Onomatopoeia but come on! He would be awesome. He doesn’t really have any superpowers so they wouldn’t have to figure that out and just seeing an actor say things like “Bam! Pow! Kablooey!” would make my day. Onomatopoeia is crazy smart and could easily fill an entire season with his dastardly deeds, outwitting not only Detective Lance and the Starling City P.D. but also Oliver and his Arrow crew.

Someone get me Warner Brothers’ number, this needs to happen and you all can thank me when it does.

So there we go, a nice chat with executive producer Marc Guggenheim and a look at who we think might go up against the Arrow in Arrow season two.

Who do you think will show up in Starling City this year? Did I miss someone? Someone obvious? Agree with my amazing idea of Onomatopeia? Let us know in the comments down below.

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