Sunday Night TV: This Week’s Top 5 Moments – Staple Guns, Eskimo Brothers, and Sookie Stackhouse

So last week’s Sunday night shows were so good we decided that they needed to be recognized, and I had planned to make this a weekly feature. The problem now though, there was a noticeable dip in quality from last week to this week.

What follows were my top 5 TV moments from Sunday night…

5. True Blood (6.04) –  Sookie Steps Up

Overall I thought this episode was pretty sub-par. Andy’s fairy children are/were annoying, Jason’s feelings towards Warlow are totally forced, and the stuff between Sam and Alcide is downright stupid. Alcide is just like a murderer now or what? The one thing I did like however, was for the first time in years, Sookie Stackhouse did something to make us think she is worthy of being the show’s lead. She seduces Warlow and ends the episode with him seemingly at her mercy. Plus Eric turning the Governor’s daughter was a pretty baller thing to do also…
Get the F off of me

4. Copper (2.03) – The Lamp Post

The most powerful moment of the episode is when Sarah takes an axe to the metal lamp-post where her brothers died, and help flows to her from all over as the whole neighborhood joins in tearing down the symbol of her agony. HOWEVER, the best gif I found from the episode is unrelated to that event…

Copper Eskimo Brothers

3. The Killing (3.07) – The Preacher Man

This episode was a lot of emotion without too much actually happening. The biggest development, and what I and probably everyone else who watches the show assumed from week 1, the Pastor at the shelter isn’t what he seems. The extent to which (name change, creepiness) was still pretty unclear, but when this episode ended, it left little doubt that he isn’t at least guilty of something. Gotta check that back seat Linden…

The Killing, Sarah Linden

2. Dexter (8.02) – Deb’s Fight (Episode Recap)

Wow, this was Deb hitting bottom. Her attacking a hitman in a storage locker, getting her ass kicked, and then murdering said hitman. Deb is really not dealing with her place in life very well right now.

Debra Morgan Fight

1. Ray Donovan (1.02) – The Staple Gun

In what is quickly climbing the ranks of my favorite shows, the 2nd episode of Ray Donovan carried over rather well from last week. We find out that Ray framed his father Micky for a shooting in Boston years earlier, and the true culprit was an actor who is now being stalked by Micky. Security camera’s show Ray’s half-brother Daryll breaking into the actor’s house to leave a picture, and more importantly a message. Well this is rewarded in kind when Ray’s guy beats down Daryll and staples the picture to his chest…

Ray Donovan - Stapler

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