The Bridge, FX’s New Drama, Premieres Tonight

FX has been a benchmark of great dramas in recent years (including the tragically canceled Lights Out and comedic drama Terriers) and tonight The Bridge hopes to join those ranks.

Starring Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir, The Bridge is a crime drama with the two leads as detectives in the US and Mexico respectively. Due to their geographic proximity and the clientele crossover, they end up working together quite often. Detective Sonya North (Kruger) works in El Paso and Marco Ruiz (Bichir) in Juarez. Between them? The bridge.

Before we knew much about the show’s plot or even it characters really, FX put out three promos that were frankly, just odd.

No set dialogue, not sweeping shots of El Paso and Juarez, nothing of the actors… just three little vignettes. It worked. People talked about them. They questioned them. Wondered what on earth this show would be about. Likely, they’ll tune in this evening. Well done, FX.

Based on a Swedish show of the same name, the American version will hit on themes concerning dirty cops, Mexican/American relations, and sort of a shot from left field, Aspergers.

Despite the odd promos, early reviews of the series have been strong. Some even going so far as to say the best show of the summer. That’s a bold statement which gives you all the more reason to check it out when The Bridge airs tonight at 10 EST on FX.

The Bridge poster

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