‘Dear Mr. Watterson’: The Calvin & Hobbes Documentary We’ve Been Waiting For!

One of the most recognizable and loved comic strips in the history of comic strips, Calvin & Hobbes is the story of a boy, his tiger, and an unbridled imagination. We are big fans of both Calvin & Hobbes here at Grizzly Bomb, so when we first heard of a documentary in the works exploring this monumental strip, we were pretty excited. Now, thanks to the magic of Kickstarter, Dear Mr. Watterson has been finished, and we have a trailer:

Looks great, and showcases not only the amazing talent of creator Bill Watterson, but we get to see the impact Calvin & Hobbes left on the industry. Also some of the individuals that have been touched by the stories and the heart of Calvin & Hobbes, which is something we can all attest to, whether you were a fan of the strip or just happened to glance at a newspaper in the last 25 years.

With some cool interviews with Seth Green, Berkeley Breathed, and Bill Amend to name a few, it looks like director Joel Schroeder has crafted a love letter to the strip that any fan can get behind, and we wait in anticipation for this documentary.

We will get to see the doc in theaters and VOD on Nov. 15th.

Calvin and Hobbes

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