SDCC 2013: Best of Instagram, Preview Night, & First Look at ‘Days of Future Past’ Sentinel!

Well Comic-Con is upon us, finally! While not all of us can go to San Diego, thanks to social media platforms like Instagram we can live vicariously through those that do. I’ve gathered up some of my favorite Instagram photos from yesterday’s Preview Night (and day). If you want to keep up with Grizzly Bomb’s Comic-Con coverage, be sure to follow us on Instagram as well as Twitter.

Of course we’ll be bringing you the news here on the site as well. The scrolling bar at the top of the page usually reserved for “featured articles”, well, that’s all Comic-Con for the time being so check it out! Now let’s get to some pictures!

Now we’ll take a look at a few more great things from Preview Night that caught our eye! Over on SuperHeroHype, they have a fantastic gallery that is constantly updating images from the Con floor, so we highly encourage you to check that out here. Below are a few of our favorite images, including first looks at the X-Men: Days of Future Past logo and Sentinels!

We’ll have lots more as SDCC 2013 continues!

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